Braid - I’m Afraid of Everything  

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This day was one of my favorites in recent memory and it was a total blast. Thanks to Bob and Chris for hanging around while my band sound-checked. They are currently playing a couple of shows around the U.S. and from twitter, it seems like they may be working on new music!

If you caught them on this recent tour, you know how awesome it was. Hearing the intro of “The New Nathan Detroits” live was amazing.

They also recorded an acoustic version of “A Dozen Roses”, which I will release later in September. Enjoy!

(Thanks to Tito and Lisa for setting this up)

Owen - Untitled New Song

This was recorded at Bowery Ballroom along with Braid’s session. Mike was amazing especially for jumping in so quickly and with little notice.

You wouldn’t be able to tell but this was done during sound check before the show that night. It was extremely hectic trying to cram everyone between checks, so thank you to Bowery Ballroom and Aficionado for being cool with this random thing.

This is brand new song which doesn’t appear on any of his records. You can check out his upcoming tour dates and listen to all his music at his Bandcamp page.

Thanks to Chase for setting this up!

*I’ll start embedding the videos here instead of forcing you to go to the site.

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